Portrait of a Cancer Survivor

On the Road for the American Red Cross

By Dennis Drenner on 24 Dec 2018
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Portrait of a young woman for the American Red Cross

Earlier this year I went on the road for the American Red Cross. My assignment was to photograph people who had been helped by Red Cross blood transfusions. They would later use my images in fundraising emails and advertisements.

One of my favorite subjects was Hannah, a vibrant 15-year-old from Wichita who has beaten leukemia with the help of over fifty (fifty!) transfusions. She and her family were incredibly generous with their time, and I got to spend a day following her around, photographing everything from family cookouts to shopping trips.

Portrait of a young cancer survivor in front of a sign that says "Happy"

The image below is from an email blast that went out to over two million people and featured my images of Hannah. Sometimes I really love this job.

Red Cross advertising email with photos by Dennis Drenner
Hannah hangs out with her friends and puts on makeup
Hannah shopping for clothes

Lit portrait of a cheerleader outdoors

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