Headshot Session FAQ

Answers To The Most Common Questions

By Dennis Drenner on 9 Jan 2016
in Preparing for your shoot

engineer headshot in washington, dc

This posts answers all of the most common questions. If you still have questions after reading this, please shoot me a message at studio@charmcityheadshots.com.

What are your session fees?

Please scoot on over to my home page to see my latest session options and fees. These packages cover most typical situations, but if your case is unique please let me know and I'll happily work up a custom quote!

So you don't have a studio?

My speciality is doing convenient and affordably priced location shoots, something which I can offer because I'm not paying exorbitant rent on a DC area studio. In addition to saving you time, location shoots also allow us to use your location as background for different looks. Ideally, I like to have a space that is at least 10 feet by 10 feet to set up (conference rooms and spare offices work well), but I can cram into a tighter space if need be.

That all said, if you really want to go to a studio, I do have access to a very nice rental studio on Capitol Hill. Additional charges will apply however (typically $300-$500 depending on how long our shoot goes).

What to Wear

Wear solid or simple patterns, dark to mid-toned colors, avoiding bright whites and bold patterns. In your headshot we want the attention on your face, not on your clothing. Splashes of color (like a red shirt under a dark blazer) are good. Ideally, bring a few options-- different shirts, jackets, ties, jewelry, scarves.

Ideally, blouses for ladies should not too low cut or they could end up being cropped entirely out of the frame (and it will look like you are doing a naked headshot shoot!) We can also deal with this issue by using clips to hike the blouse up a bit closer to your neck.

Makeup and Grooming

I don't usually recommend makeup for men. It can help, but unless you're an actor or TV personality, the makeup is more likely to make you uncomfortable and isn't worth the trouble. Men should pay extra attention to grooming their facial hair. I can't give you a clean shave with Photoshop!

For women, keep the makeup simple and flat, but a bit heavier than usual is OK as the camera takes some off.

If you want to work with a professional makeup artist, please let me know and I'm happy to recommend some of my local favorites. For individual studio sessions, most folks will arrange to have their makeup done off-site just before the session. For larger groups, we will often arrange to have the makeup artist on location. You should double check price and details with the MUA, but it's usually around $125 per person.

Can you do passport and visa photos?

Absolutely, but only during individual (not group) sessions. I also can't print onsite, but will format your images for easy printing at your favorite lab. For more detailed info on passport and visa photos please click here.

Deposits and Payments

You can reserve your regular headshot appointment with a $100 Paypal or Venmo deposit to dennis@dennisdrenner.com. The remainder is due on or before your session, and can be paid via check, Paypal, Venmo and unmarked twenties.

After The Shoot

I shoot somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 images during a 60 minute session. After our shoot, I will narrow this down to 30-50 of the best images which I will put into an online gallery and deliver to you within two business days. At your convenience, let me know your favorite images for a retouch. Regular sessions include one retouch. Additional retouches are $50. I am usually able to get the retouched images back to you within two business days.

For more details post-shoot matters like downloading and retouching, please check out this post: http://www.districtportraits.com/blog/blog-post/after-the-shoot/

So I Get All The Pictures?

Yes. You can download and keep all the photos in my final edit of approximately 30-50 photos and do what you want with them.

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