Passport and Visa Photos

There Is Nothing In The Rules That Says Passport Photos Have To Be Horrible

By Dennis Drenner on 11 Mar 2018
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washington dc passport photos of a dog

If you need a new passport or visa photo for you (or your dog!), we can easily work that into any individual studio session. We can do standard US passport images, as well as meet the unique requirements of any foreign country or embassy. Just let me know the details before the shoot, and we'll get a passport photo that will earn the envy of your fellow travelers and bring a smile to the face of the grumpiest TSA agent! There is no extra charge for this.

After your session when we're retouching your best portraits, we will also properly format and crop your preferred passport image and get it ready for printing. You can then print as many copies as you like at your favorite photo shop or online lab. (Sorry, I don't do printing onsite).

Please note that this service can only be part of an individual studio session, not a location session where we're photographing lots of people the same day. We also don't do cats or horses.

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